made in the USA

Had some excellent fishing with a couple Fire Tailz dredges built by Mike while fishing down in the Dominican Republic. Marlin love them!

- Capt. Neil Orange Jr., Punta Cana, D.R.


"Fire Tailz are the most realistic artificial fish I have ever seen, hands down."
– Capt. George Sawley, Stalker

"The beauty of these things is that they're so simple.  Aside from looking killer they are super easy to deal with and take up minimal space on board.  Rinse them off at the end of the day and you're done."
– Capt. Danny Hearn, Blank Check

"We pulled a double dredge of these things everyday we fished for our entire season down in Isla. I can personally attest to their durability as well as fish attracting ability. We saw as many if not more sailfish come to the flat line and squid chain teaser on the side with the Fire Tailz. They work!"– Capt. Dean Adler , Don Teo


"Running a operation  that is gone year round, fishing some extremely isolated locations, it is extremely important to stock the boat with all the tackle and supplies I need for long periods. Fire Tailz are a great solution for those that want to pull an effective dredge but lack the freezer space to keep enough bait on hand. We have had tremendous success fishing with them and I can easily fit hundreds in a small space on board."

-  Capt. Terry Stansel, Patriot


"Our winning fish in the Baker's Bay Invitational came up on a black Fire Tailz dredge.  I would say they definitely contributed to our winnings of  over $140,000"
 - Capt. John Dudas, 4 Aces


"They look great a lot of different ways at a wide variety of speeds.  We pull them."

– Capt. Albert Miller, ​C'est la Vie

"I first saw Fire Tailz down in Mexico last season. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a few of them and added them to our spread wherever we could. I saw several fish come to them and feel confident pulling them. Can’t wait to try them in the Gulf this summer."
– Capt. Joey Birbeck  s/f You Never Know